Have you ever experienced that awkward moment of silence at a workplace social gathering, where you’re working the room, dressed to the nines and words mean everything in the moment? Or have first date jitters ever put you in a linguistic jam? Fret no more! Stellite is your go-to topic of conversation to get you out of any conversational pickle. Stellite is cool, mod and all things unexpected. It may just be the next “it” thing to talk about. Here’s why.

How to Break Silence and Impress

Put awkward silence to rest with a conversation starter like, “Did you know Stellite is a metallic alloy consisting of cobalt, chromium and miscellaneous other metals applied as a coating to base metals to increase resistance to heat and wear?” This is sure-fire impressive. Be quick to follow that up with a quick mention that Stellite is used for machine parts, machine guns, industrial tools, biomedical devices and a host of other applications. And, introduce the role of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining processes, like CNC machining Pittsburgh PA, as it relates to Stellite applications.

Filler For Any Conversation

From here, you can take the tete-a-tete up a level. If you’re wanting that promotion or second date, channel your moxie and add conversational layers. You can say profound things, like:

  • “Did you know alloy is both a verb and a noun, which means you must alloy to get an alloy?” You might not understand the process, but you can talk like you do.
  • CNC machines are highly efficient in the production of various parts that can be used for Stellite coatings. And, CNC machinists are highly skilled in the technological craft of machine operations.” You may not know how to work the machines, but you can work the conversation.”
  • “Heat and wear are related to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which adjudicates “decay” for everything in the universe. Stellite is instrumental in keeping the consequences of the law at bay, for awhile.”

Don’t let awkward silence cuff your conversations. Talk like you know what you’re talking about. Talk Stellite!