How to Automate Your Warehouse Using a Sortation System

Do you need to increase your efficiency in the warehouse? If so, implementing a sortation system is an excellent idea. It is a system of organization where items get sorted or grouped to help with the efficiency and flow of goods. 

A sortation system includes everything from grouping products on shelves to stacking at your warehouse. An unorganized warehouse will only cause problems that you could avoid if you implement an organized and structured plan for sorting and storing inventory. 

This article provided tips on the implementation of a sortation system in your warehouse operations.

Tips on Implementing a Sortation System at Your Warehouse

Here are the tips for implementing sortation systems in your facility:

Have the Right Equipment

Do not start working on your sortation system without ensuring that you have the necessary equipment to complete the job successfully. To create a successful one for your warehouse, you will need to purchase mechanical forklifts, slat walls, ergonomic accessories, and bins.

Create a Layout

Before sorting your warehouse, create a map of the building and each section or room within it. You will need it to ensure that you bring in all your equipment and place it in ideal spots for storage. A layout will help you maximize your available space, which is essential when using slat walls in the warehouse.

Sort Out Your Products

Now that you have a map of the warehouse and all of your equipment, it’s time to sort through each section and place items where they belong. Ensure you have labeled everything so that there are no issues with misplacing anything once you set up the system. 

Labels should make sense to you and anyone who works at your warehouse. Use clear, concise labels, and have the product’s name and a number or code. That will make it easy for everyone in your company to identify products by category.

Finally, implementing a sortation system is an excellent idea for any warehouse looking to increase its efficiency. With the right equipment and layout, you will be on your way to creating a successful sortation system.