3 Careers To Consider Going Into

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When you’re a child, you’re always asked what you want to do when you grow up. You likely responded with the same careers that all children choose: doctor, teacher, or policeman. However, actually choosing a career can be harder to nail down as you get older. You probably have many interests and aren’t sure which of them you want to do for the rest of your life. Here are some careers that you should think about going into. 

1. Millwright

If you love working on machinery, you might want to look into a career in industrial millwright services. As a millwright, you would be responsible for installing equipment, maintaining and repairing it, and moving the machinery as needed. Being a millwright can require a great deal of physical exertion as well as dexterity, so you’ll want to ensure that your body is up to the work. When you start as a millwright, you’ll likely start as a journeyman and work to learn the skills necessary to become a master. 

2. Baker

Do you love to make cakes and loaves of bread for your loved ones? If the thought of working in the kitchen makes you happy, then you should consider working as a baker. You may find that some smaller bakeries will take you on to slowly learn the ropes of the bakery business, but most often, you’ll need to go to school to get a degree first. Because there isn’t a specific degree to become a baker, most people attend culinary school to learn the necessary skills. 

3. Editor

When you read books and hear people speak, do you notice their errors? If you love words and want to know everything about them and how they work together, perhaps you should pursue being an editor. To be hired as an editor, you would most likely need a degree in journalism, creative writing, or English. You could also go on to get a certification as a master editor, which could give you a big leg up over many other candidates.