Wellness, Massage, Spa and All the Good Things for You under One Roof

Spa! A complete treat to mind and body

The word “spa”covers an extensive variety of amenities and skills. It could be described as everything related to a small facial and massage business to complete pampering. History of spa came from Ancient Greece and Rome.To them spa was thermal springs which occurs naturally. Such locations were used to bathe and relax. It was common concept that spa brings benefits to health and human well being. The meaning of spa has not changed much. Spas continue to be havens of extravagance and a complete treat to mind and body. The only alteration today is that the shape and form has changed. Lawson lodge day spa at Macedon ranges give life to the true meaning of spa in this artificial life.

Diverse Categories of spa now a day:

  • Day Spas
    They provides facials, massages and offer salon services for example body waxing, manicures and pedicures. 
  • Spas at Hotels
    As the name proposes, they are present in many luxury hotels. They offer services to hotel guests.There are pools and thermal suites available.
  • Spas at Resorts
    They focus on health and wellbeing rather than just pampering. They offerprograms to manage the weight and related to fitness.Their locations are specifically relaxing.

Lawson lodge day spa at Macedon ranges

There are many spas all around the world but when spa services are coming with a perfect venue then it becomes a complete treat for human beings. Lawson lodge day spa at Macedon ranges offers a complete package to enhance the mental peace and to improve the ones wellbeing.

Offered Facilities at Lawson lodge day spa

Re-treatment of health and wellness:

Lawson Lodgeproudly bring you Wellness and Wellbeing events. Such an events have presenters and health fanatics to guide you. They help you in realizing the importance of “me” time.

Massage and facial treatments:

Massage and facial treatments are best services offered at Lawson Lodge day spa.Skilled massage therapist relaxes your body and mind with the help of massage. They help you to get rid of from all the negative energy.

Spa resort:

There is a calm 8 seat warm spa, which is free of charge for all the visitors and guests who can use it while there stay. The spectacular garden offers the private spa gazebo beyond from the rest of the world, seating is very casual and comfortable. There is an open fireplace. There is everything which anyone needs to relive their stress and worries.

Book! To experience peace:

Book your appointment. They offer comfortable options and make sure that you will be well refreshed and revitalized. Their staff and team is so friendly. They are dedicated and expert in ensuring that you are going to have the greatest time. They will provide everything you need. Come and pamper yourself and restore your energy.